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Tax Preparation & Planning

State and Federal tax regulation have become an ever-shifting minefield that requires constant attention. We understand that you need proactive guidance and timely answers. Our tax services do just that.  Tax rates and enforcement actions continue to increase as both Federal and State governments search for revenue. This requires added diligence when searching for tax saving strategies which many times, adds complexity.


Our tax preparation services are directed primarily toward constructive tax planning beginning early in the year and maintaining close contact with our clients throughout the year. We will help you analyze options and present both the benefits and the costs of new strategies. As enforcement actions increase, so does the need for an experienced guide to help you through the examination process. We know your rights and can help keep the tax examination focused and moving.



Some clients like to handle things on their own but need some guidance while managing their business or personal finance. At YeeFoon and Associates, we can be the guidance you need with your financial matters. 


Estate & Trusts Planning


Planning for the future and making sure loved ones are taken care of in the event of transitioning from life to afterlife can be weighing.  It is never too late to plan your will or set up a trust. Let us help you.  

 Audit Preparations

As companies grow and mature, it becomes necessary to document procedures, processes, and controls. Our internal audit process mapping reports are an invaluable reference tool to building good internal controls. Our audit work includes an understanding of internal controls, testing of selected transactions, and communication with third parties. We can also review or compile GAAP financial statements.

Notary Services

A newly added service is Notary signing. We provided notary services for real estate closings, medical documents and legal documents.

Payroll, Quickbooks & Financial Statment Preparation

Our staff will set up your QuickBooks system, provide training for you and your staff, and stay on board with regular support as needed.

Why Outsource Your Payroll...

  • It's Cost Effective
    Use your staff more efficiently by letting us handle payroll and the associated legal details. Reduce overhead by removing the need to hire specialized employees.


  • It's a Time Saver
    Our payroll service eliminates the burden of customizing, updating and maintaining your own payroll system--no more data entry, no more researching updates or new laws, no more worries.


  • Worry Free Payroll Tax Filing
    Eliminate the risks of calculating and filing your own payroll taxes by having professionals do it for you. Federal, state and local payroll tax laws are frequently changing and becoming more complex.  How much time do you want to spend learning all the rules and keeping your information up to date?


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